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Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn’t the state of South Carolina or the federal government pay for our roads?

The road projects included in the Ride 3 program are locally owned, not state or federally owned.

Didn’t the state of South Carolina just pass a funding plan for roads?

Yes, however it only pays for 15 percent of statewide road and bridge maintenance. It does NOT provide for new or expanded roads or the paving of dirt roads.

Why don’t we just let the tourists pay for needed road construction?

We are! Ride 3 is a tax placed on retail sales, prepared food and beverages and accommodations—all of which are generally part of the Myrtle Beach vacation experience our tourists enjoy.

Ride 3 proponents say the program has a sunset period of 8 years. How can we trust politicians to stop collecting this once the projects are paid for?

Because the law REQUIRES it. The reason we are voting for Ride 3 this fall is because the county’s previous plan, Ride 2, reached its sunset in 2015.

Why should we begin a new road program when the last one isn’t yet completed?

The roads included in the Ride 3 program are absolutely necessary and if we do not vote on this now, we will have to wait four years for the next opportunity to do so. In that period of time, Horry County will fall further behind and the cost of construction will rise making the needed projects that much more expensive.

How do we know environmental groups like the Coastal Conservation League won’t hold up these projects like they are doing with International Drive?

You make a great point. However, a YES vote on November 8 is a vote for improved infrastructure and vote against these self-serving special interest groups. It’s your opportunity to say Horry County deserves economic growth, job creation and better roads.

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