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Ride 3 Commission

The RIDE 3 Commission is comprised of six members, three appointed by Horry County Council and three appointed by the cities defined by state law. Horry County Council tasked the RIDE 3 Commission with preparing the final list of road projects to be funded by RIDE 3 and then approved the final list of road projects in May 2016.

Ride 3 Commission Members:

Edgar Dyer, Chairman
Appointed by: Horry County

Frankie Blanton
Appointed by: Horry County

Brent Schulz
Appointed by: Horry County

Jerry Barnhill Sr.
Appointed by: Conway

Danny Brown Jr.
Appointed by: Myrtle Beach

Donnie Ray Jr.
Appointed by: North Myrtle Beach

Ride 3 Committee

The RIDE 3 Committee is comprised of 18 members from all Horry County districts. The committee spent several months studying and surveying road needs in Horry County before submitting a final list of suggested projects to the RIDE 3 Commission.

Ride 3 Committee Members:

Edgar Dyer, Chairman
Horry County Council

Tracy Edge
Horry County District 1

Bo Ives
Horry County District 2

Danny Brown, Jr.
Horry County District 3

John Rohner
Horry County District 4

Pat Keelan
Horry County District 5

Justin Wyatt
Horry County District 6

Arnold Johnson
Horry County District 7

Pam Creech
Horry County District 8

Benjy Hardee
Horry County District 9

Frankie Blanton
Horry County District 10

Samuel Johnson
Horry County District 11

Howard Barnard
LOC Surfside

Harry McDowell
LOC Loris

Jerry Barnhill, Sr.
LOC Conway

Hank Thomas
LOC North Myrtle Beach

Wayne Gray
LOC Myrtle Beach

Tony Cox
LOC At Large

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