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This November, Horry County voters will be asked to take the wheel on county road repairs and construction by voting YES to the Ride 3 referendum vote. If passed, Ride 3 would fund 15 road and highway projects critical to Horry County residents. By voting YES to Ride 3, you are voting for safer roads, improved infrastructure, job creation and enhanced quality of life for all Horry County citizens.

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What is Ride 3?

Ride 3 is Horry County’s proposed road-building program. It is the only opportunity Horry County residents have to take direct action in solving the county’s road problems. There is no Plan B to fix our roads.

The Ride 3 program consists of 15 vital road repair and construction projects throughout all of Horry County. If passed by voters, Ride 3 would be funded by an 8-year, 1 percent tax on retail sales, prepared food and beverages, and accommodations, which means a large portion of Ride 3 costs would be paid by millions of tourists visiting our area annually. Groceries, fuel and prescription medications are exempt from Ride 3.

Ride 3 guidelines are strict, meaning voters know exactly what they’re paying for. All Ride 3 funding must be spent on road repair and construction from the list of 15 approved projects put forth by the Ride 3 Commission—a council of six representatives from throughout Horry County—and approved by Horry County Council. Additionally, the Ride 3 program comes with a ‘sunset provision’ and expires after 8 years.

With Ride 3, voters can be assured that the money raised in Horry County STAYS in Horry County. The projected Ride 3 revenues and subsequent cost of the road projects total just over $592 million, and under county law, those funds can’t be taken out of the county and can’t be used for anything other than approved road projects.


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Why Ride 3?

It’s a common sense solution

Because Ride 3 would be funded by an 8-year, 1 percent tax on retail sales, prepared food and beverages, and accommodations, the millions of tourists visiting our area annually would pay a large portion of Ride 3 costs.

Additionally, the strict guidelines of the Ride 3 program mean voters know exactly what they’re paying for and where that money is going. All Ride 3 funding must be spent on the critical road repair and construction projects put forth by the Ride 3 Commission and approved by Horry County Council and must be used within Horry County.

Not only does Ride 3 fund necessary road projects in Horry County and create hundreds of jobs, its added ‘sunset provision’ ensures a common sense solution for Horry County voters. With Ride 3, voters know politicians will stop collecting once the projects are paid for, because the law requires it. In fact, the reason we are voting for Ride 3 this November is because the county’s previous program, Ride 2, successfully reached its sunset in 2015.

We have to solve our own road problems

The state of South Carolina isn’t going to solve our road problems. The federal government isn’t going to solve our road problems. The tax dollars simply aren’t there. The only way a significant amount of needed work is done on both Horry County and some state roads is if Horry County citizens vote YES to doing it themselves. And it makes financial sense for us to do it NOW.

It’s generally known that it’s significantly less expensive and more fiscally responsible to maintain the roadways and bridges we have versus replacing them if and when they fail us. The time is now and the vote is yes.

Your safety is important

When we are behind the wheel of a car, on a bike, in a bus or walking, safety should always be our top priority. We have laws that make us buckle our seat belts, obey the speed limits and keep from texting while on the road. Shouldn’t the precautions we take to stay safe include ensuring our roads are in good condition to withstand constant use by more and more vehicles?

When roads fall into disrepair or fail to keep up with population growth, accidents happen. From potholes to extreme traffic congestion to lack of pedestrian walkways—the dangers of NOT investing in our roadways are real. By voting yes for Ride 3, you can help keep both yourself and those around you safe as you travel throughout Horry County.

Enhanced economic growth

Improved infrastructure and road investment can have significant effects on a region’s overall economic development, both in terms of immediate job creation and business development. Roadways are tools used to transport goods and people to one place and another, and communities that make investments in both increasing road infrastructure and improving existing roadways are more likely to see economic growth.

Additionally, Ride 3 will create hundreds of jobs by providing critical funding for the repair, widening and construction of roads and highways. By voting yes to Ride 3, you’ll ensure Horry County is able to invest in its roads and highways and grow the local economy.

Improved quality of life

The population of Horry County has exploded over the past decade. In fact, the Myrtle Beach metropolitan statistical area—which includes Horry County—ranked as the second fastest growing in the nation from July 2013 to July 2014. And from April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015, the same area saw population growth of nearly 15 percent.

Simply put, more people mean more traffic. Officials with the South Carolina Department of Transportation have said it’s almost impossible to build roads fast enough to keep up with the growth Horry County is experiencing, so local road-building initiatives like Ride 3 are essential. By voting yes and approving Ride 3, you’ll ensure Horry County is able to complete critical road projects and ease severe traffic congestion throughout the area. That means less time spent sitting in a car commuting to and from work, school and elsewhere, and more time doing the things you love.

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